Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten things You Should Never have to Buy!

I had so much fun complying this list! What a Great Way to Simplify and Save Money! The Coolest thing about Simplifying is that, it Gives You a Chance to use Your Creativity and Use the Things You already own, instead of bringing More things into your home. Plus this helps the Environment in such a Huge Way!  Because in the End Everything we purchase, at some point will end up in a Landfill. Go On, Change the way you Live!

1. Stop Buying TISSUE PAPER
this product comes in your gift bags when you receive a gift, it also comes in the box when you purchase new shoes.

2. Stop Buying GIFT BAGS
this is an item that we receive on birthdays and holidays. ReUse them!

3. Stop Buying BUTTONS
look inside your garments. there usually is an extra button. Start collecting them, and pretty soon you'll have a unique stash

4. Stop Buying PAPER TOWELS
why not turn old t-shirts into rags. Its a great way to save money and Great for the Environment.

I've got one word for you...LIBRARY! and with today's IPADS and Kindles, Thousands of Free E books are out there.

Reuse those plastic bags we receive at the grocery store

7. Stop Buying BOXES
Everything comes in a box. Reuse these boxes to send items through the mail, wrap a gift, or store some of your precious belongings. Get Created and Decorate them As well.

Its Cheaper to put together your own mix of Vinegar and Water. Plus you can practically clean everything from floors to windows.

Reuse those Butter and Cottage Cheese Containers to save left overs, or to pack your lunch

ask ANY mother/father for their unwanted plastic toys, and I betcha they will gladly give them to you by the bag full.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Organizing Disney World

9 days. That's all I have Left is 9 days to plan, organize, and pack for our trip to Disney World.

What I have come to find is that, this is no Ordinary Vacation. This is a Huge Deal. Our First Family Vacation and I am doing my best to make this as fun and exciting as I possibly can. Because for the Price, We probably won't be doing this again, anytime soon.

I used the online Disney world- Customize Your Trip  but in the end, I ended up booking with them over the phone. For me I like talking to someone in person. This lady was wonderful, she gave us tips and even signed up all my kids for the "birthday souvenir"  that I had no idea about. In my opinion nothing beats Amazing Customer Service!

So anyways, now I am in the process of planning an itinerary. With only two park days planned, my family of five doesn't have any time to stand in the middle of Magic Kingdom (which is 2x the size of Manhattan, so I've read) wondering "what do you want to do?" I don't know? what do You want to do?"  Here are a few things I have to take in consideration,
*different times of park hours, *planning around parades and entertainment, *remembering to eat,
* choosing rides that are height appropriate for my youngest, and more.

Sheesh, I'm worn out thinking about it.

 With Most Vacations I enjoy just taking a leap of faith and diving in, but this my friend is a whole new ball game.

What are Your Reasons for Wanting to get Organized and Simplified?
Perhaps You would like to have Company Over, or Walk into Your home after work and feel Relaxed.
Whatever Your Reason (and there are many) the Only Time You really have is Now, So Get Started.

But where do you begin? I get this question all the time. Asked by my many Clients who are more than ready to start this Life Changing Process.

My Advice. Pick A space that You are in Most of the Time, for my family it would be the kitchen.
So Let's Say we start with the Kitchen? Look Around What do you dislike about this space? Write Your Goals for this Area, Perhaps you want to cook more, or enjoy a family meal and the table. 

Get Started. I like to work Left to Right in a Clockwise formation. Hit all the Horizontal Places First. What are you Keeping? What can be tossed? ( when I say tossed I mean, Donated/Giveaway or Sold (perhaps in a garage sale.) Get those Items out of the kitchen! Work with only the items you want to keep. Next Go through the process with your cabinets/drawers.

Organize. When putting Items back make sure to store these items at their point of use! Keep the Like with the Like. And Label so all Family Members know where Everything needs to be stored!

Do have a small Kitchen? Store Out of Season items, or items that maybe you use once a year to a storage room. Free up your space for only the Everyday items.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Surviving Your Office Space/Desk, Top Ten Tuesday!

  • Get into A routine, make it a Daily Goal to Work Through All of Your Papers By Days End
  • Decide What to Do With It. TO Do, TO File, TO Pass Along, Etc.
  • Invest in Storage, Whatever it Takes to Help You Get Paper and Books off Your Desk.
  • Ditch the Post-Its
  • Plan Your Day by Time Slots. This will keep us from "wandering"
  • Look at Your Desk with New Eyes
  • Limit Office Supplies on Desk
  • Limit Personal Keepsakes. Key is to be Minimal 
  • Take 15 min at the end of the day to Organize Your Office Space/Desk.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Often I tell some of my clients...that it is best not to bring new purchases into the home while organizing. This means clothing, gadgets, new toys, accessories, and anything purchased that is not consumable. 

It is absolutely a challenge worth 

trying. 15 Days..that's it! And in the end you might have a little extra cash, a little bit better sense of what you already own, and a new outlook on bringing things you really don't need into your home.

This challenge will let you use your creative side as well as learning to simplify your life.

Turning things you already own, into things you need right now.

I Challenge You for 15 Days Not to Spend a Dime on Non-
Essential Items! 

Starting February 1-February 15!!!!

February First The NO SPEND CHALLENGE will Start! You are able to spend money on Consumable items such as food and gas and the inevitable bills.

When purchasing Food for the week try to also include items you already have in your pantry, don't over buy, just purchase the essentials. 

This also means... No spending on gifts (unless it is Consumable) No spending on Entertainment ( Like Videos from the Movie Store), Magazines, Clothes, Home Decor, Etc.

I, ______________________ accept the NO SPEND CHALLENGE for Fifteen Days. No Longer bringing in Items that I don't Need and only purchase consumable items at a minimum.   (print and Sign)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday! Downsize & Simplify!

  1. Set Up Boxes to Put things in for Donations, to sell, to toss, or to give to your children or friends
  2. Tackle Big Items First, Starting with Furniture
  3. Eliminate Items that no longer have value to you or bring you joy.
  4. Enlist the help of a friend
  5. Focus- Tackle one room, one closet, or one drawer at a time, until its done, and then move on.
  6. SAVE ONLY what you have Space For.
  7. Keep Your Systems Simple.
  8. Purge Regularly. 
  9. Prevent Clutter, Think About the Items Before You bring them Through the Door.
  10. Treat Your Home Like A Vacation Home. Only Keep What You Use and Love and Keep Your Rooms Simple.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


 A Huge Thank You to The Tiffin Seneca Library for Hosting the Get Organized Program Thursday Night! Such A GREAT Turn Out! I had so Much fun Speaking in Front of you, and the private Conversations with some of you after. My Goal for the Program was to Inspire you to Downsize and Simplify Your Life. Remember we are not defined by what we own! Getting Organized is a Life Change. Change Happens only if the actions we take are consistent. Write Your Goals Down and Proceed! Keep Up the Motivation! Take Time Each Day to work toward your Goal!

Getting Organized ASAP

1.Ask Questions
2.Sort Items
3.Assign a Home
4. Preserve and Maintain